Are you up for a challenge?

Walk, jog, or run 10,000 steps a day for a month and raise vital funds to save songbirds 

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What is the
10,000 steps a day in May Challenge?

10,000 steps a day in May is a stepping challenge for everyone.

Simply clock up those steps, any way and anywhere you like during May to support British birds and help reverse the drastic decline in their numbers.

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Why not take on the challenge as a family, with a friend, or to simply get moving and enjoy the outdoors?

Share your progress with our Facebook group community as your friends support you, donating to encourage your steps and save our songbirds!

Join our Facebook Challenge group here


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How to do it


Complete your 310,000 steps throughout the month of May. This could be 10,000 steps each day, or a total of 70,000 by the end of each week, or in any way you like!

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Get rewards!

When you raise your first donation - we will send you one of our fabulous

challenge T-shirts to wear while you step!

When you raise £100 on your Facebook fundraiser you will receive an exclusive songbird pin badge in one of 3 beautiful designs, either a Blackbird, Sparrow or Bullfinch.

Bird Numbers are crashing and more than half our UK songbirds are threatened or in decline.


Can you imagine Spring without the sound of birds?


By raising funds and taking part in our 10,000 steps a day challenge, you can change this.

What your fundraising will support

  • You can help us discover essential life-saving solutions for our beloved songbirds by funding scientific research

  • You can help us raise awareness of the catastrophic situation that nature and songbirds are facing

  • You can help us educate people and share practical advice and resources to protect birds

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You'll find everything you need to know here about the challenge - but if there's something we've missed just ask and we'll do our best to answer as soon as we can!

How do I collect donations?

Collect donations through your Facebook Fundraiser. You can sign up and set up your Facebook fundraising page here

Facebook makes it easy for people to donate, but you must be a Facebook user to be able to donate to a Facebook fundraiser. If people want to give you the money directly, you can donate to your own fundraiser on their behalf.

SBS receives 100% of all the donations you raise through Facebook, and these are transferred directly to us.

What if I don't want to use Facebook?

We have set up a JustGiving page here where you can set up an online fundraiser from. 


Please can you also email us with your contact details so we know you have set up a JustGiving fundraiser and to be able to send you your step tracker and, of course, your t-shirt when you get your first donations.

Or you can contact us and we can send you a sponsorship form which you can use to collect offline donations.

What is a good target?

There is no set donation target for this challenge - we’re asking you to raise as much as you can!

Everyone who raises £100 or more will receive one of our exclusive metal songbird pin badges, either a Blackbird, Sparrow or Bullfinch. Raise more than £250 to get the full set! (UK residents only)

How do I track my steps?

Most smartphones will be able to track your steps, as well as FitBit- style devices that you wear on your wrist.


There are also some good free apps such as Strava or RunKeeper. But the most important thing is that you consistently post updates on your Facebook wall and fundraiser, so your friends and family see how hard you're pushing yourself and how many steps you’re clocking up, it will encourage more people to donate!

Use your free Step counter to keep track and inspire you to get out for the next walk!

Why is there a Facebook Group?

The Facebook group is a wonderful way to connect with other people doing the challenge. You can swap fundraising or training tips and share photos of your challenge. Plus, everyone in the group will help support you while you’re doing your steps!

Why are you fundraising this way?

This is a new exciting way of encouraging more people to get involved with our charity, to help us achieve our mission and to help us raise essential funds.

What if I don’t reach the target of £100?

Don’t worry! Any amount raised will help towards saving our UK songbirds.

What if I don’t complete the full 310,000 steps?

Don’t worry! Taking part at all is fantastic and by doing this you have helped raise awareness of the plight of our UK songbirds.

When will I receive my welcome email and Step Counter?

Your welcome email and Step Counter will be emailed to you when you have completed your registration.


When will I get my t-shirt?

When you have set up your Facebook fundraiser and recorded your first donation, your Challenge t-shirt will be sent out. This will be during April and will arrive before the start of the challenge.

If you haven't already completed your registration, you can do that here:

Then set up your fundraising page here:

Are the t-shirts cotton?

Our super-soft t-shirts are 100% cotton and printed in the UK.  We will send them out in 100% reusable and recyclable packaging.

We are very proud of sourcing our t-shirts ethically and sustainably.  You can find out more from our supplier here: 

Do I have to walk every day?

You will naturally clock up some steps every day, whether walking the dog, walking to school, even doing the housework counts if you’re wearing some form of step tracker. This is your challenge, and you can choose when you walk and for how far. Just keep track using your step counter and clock up a total of 310,000 steps throughout the month.

How do I get my fundraising reward badge/s?

When you have reached £100 in donations on your Facebook fundraiser, we will send you a pin badge selected at random from a choice of 3 beautiful designs, Blackbird, Sparrow or Bullfinch.


If you would like more (e.g., if you have completed as a family team) please email us at:

You don't need to do anything to claim your badge/s, we'll pop them in the post during June, once the challenge has been completed.

In the unlikely event you haven't received yours by the end of June please pop us an email so we can help:

Finally, Good Luck and Thank you for stepping up for songbirds!

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We can't wait to meet you in the Facebook group!