Gardens do not need slug pellets

Not only are they bad for wildlife but, as Milo the the dog found out, also bad for your pets! 

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It was touch and go for Milo; just imagine the damage slug pellets can do to the much smaller bodies of our wild birds, frogs and hedgehogs; even if they eat slugs and snails who are already dying from this toxic treatment. 

Common Frog

With a fully balanced range of wildlife in and around your garden, chemical pesticides and weedkillers should not be necessary – learn more here

But if you feel you do need a little artificial assistance to stop your plants from being munched by our slimy visitors, then try natural barriers, such as oatmeal, copper, or this new product, Zlug (Endorsed by SBS)

Zlug by Zembra

Much of our garden wildlife is friendly and beneficial to your plants, health and the environment – click here to find out more

ladybird seven spot

We’ve even created some ideas to help you make your patch more biodiverse:

And if you need advice on plants and household items that are
poisonous to dogs and how to treat them, read more here

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