It is now easier to find a bird common to Cornwall in Marlborough than in the seaside county.

Numbers of corn bunting plummeted in Cornwall by as much as 90 per cent between 1970 and 2010.

corn bunting

However, Marlborough has now been discovered as a haven for the birds, which are more easily found in Aldbourne Chase farm near Marlborough, than by the sea.

Naturalist Nick Adams carried out the bird survey and found the surprising results. The survey showed that 76 other species were also found in the area, which has become a bird watchers’ paradise.

Mr Adams believes the secret of the success of the farm is its variety of habitats. The team has created more than 15 ponds, 80 acres of wild flowers and planted more than eight miles of nature friendly hedges in the last 20 years at the farm.

Other species of high conservation concern have been spotted there, including the turtle dove and yellow wagtail.

The skylark and yellowhammer are both species considered of high conservation concern and were also found at the farm.

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