Una Stubbs: Five things I can't live without

FORMER dancer, TV and theatre actress Una Stubbs, 80, lives in London and can't live without birds

Una on birds:

"I have always found birds absolutely fascinating. Everything about them is dramatic, from their ornate courting rituals to their loud spats.

It always makes me laugh that coots will line their nests with just about anything from crisp wrappers to empty cigarette packets.

Swallows are also my favourites and I love how they cleverly know when to fly to Africa.

I would never want to have a pet bird as I absolutely hate the idea of keeping a living creature in a cage.

Yet for many years I had the next best thing.


Every morning a friendly robin would fly by for titbits and if I was late with his breakfast he would tap the window with his beak.

He was such a bold little thing and he always made me laugh."

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We agree; we couldn't live without birds either.

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