The UK State of Nature Report 2019 is now available. 

The report uses information from many data providers to identify the overall change in abundance and distribution for a range of species.

These sources include the UK Biodiversity Indicators, academic literature and measures specifically devised by the partnership. 

The UK’s wildlife continues to decline according to the report. The latest findings show that since rigorous scientific monitoring began in the 1970s there has been a 13% decline in average abundance across wildlife studied and that the declines continue unabated.

The State of Nature 2019 report also reveals that 41% of UK species studied have declined, 26% have increased and 33% shown little change since 1970, while 133 species assessed have already been lost from our shores since 1500.  

state of nature report 2019

To read the full reports for all areas of the UK click here

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