Bullfinch song by david m, Xeno-canto

Bullfinch (Pyrrhula pyrrhula)

Alert Status: Amber
Identifying Features: Black bill, head & wings with a forked tail. Males have a reddish pinkish breast & cheeks with a blue greyish back. Females have a brownish back with a fawn breast.
Average Length: 14 – 16 cm
Average Lifespan: 2 Years
Average Wingspan: 22-29 cm
Beak type: Seeds

Natural: Insects, berries, seeds & bugs
How to feed: Hanging feeders
What to feed: Seed mixes, suet treats

Nesting: Loose nest of twigs & moss lined with hair, usually in shrubs or bushes such as hawthorn
Where to see: Widespread across the UK. Woodlands, orchards & hedgerows.