Many organised table top, garage sales and car boots allow charities to have a free space.  Why not ask in your village or local community? 

Take along old books, videos, ornaments, clothes and sell them on - freeing up space at home and raising funds for SBS. One of our super volunteers has raised over £10,000 through events like this!

If you have a lot to sell or want to involve the whole community then you could consider hiring a whole venue specially for your event - perhaps the vendor will be charitable and donate the space for the good cause!  You could include additional sections like a raffle or tombola.

You'll need:

  • things to sell (ask your friends if they can donate anything)
  • boxes to transport your things in and
  • packaging to wrap anything delicate
  • a table and chair (unless provided by the organiser)
  • a table cloth makes things look nice and hides storage under the table
  • some change - make sure you have enough coinage and smaller notes to allow for early shoppers
  • a note pad and pen - it is useful to note down what you have sold and how much for.  Or even just to help you tally up the takings at the end of the day
  • a smile to greet your potential customers with

Please do ask us for help and we can offer more detailed guidance as well as leaflets and posters - click here