One of Britain's most endangered birds is now "thriving" at a Tyneside nature reserve, conservation chiefs say

From just one pair six years ago, there are now 120 tree sparrows nesting at The Leas and Whitburn Coastal Park

The National Trust described their settlement on the three-mile stretch of land as "remarkable"

Tree sparrow

Tree sparrows are smaller than the house sparrow.
Both males and females have the chocolate brown head.  

With 84 nest boxes on the site, National Trust ranger Dougie Holden said they are fed both red and white millet as well as canary seed.

He added: "Their settlement in the area is remarkable considering how scarce these beautiful little birds have become in southern and western regions of Britain.

"Their presence is a wonderful reminder of how things would have looked locally 50 or 60 years ago."

The coastal park, formerly home to Whitburn Colliery, has seen woodland copses, wildflower meadows and scrub replacing waste ground and coal spoil.

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