SBS in the Countryman

Songbird conservation highlighted in oldest countryside magazineRead more

100-club winner!

March's 100 club winnerRead more

Practical and stylish new gardening range

Beautiful range of bird inspired gardening products for Spring launched in the SBS shopRead more

SBS funded research paper published

NEW research undertaken by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust (GWCT) shows that predation control of corvids can improve the breeding success of farmland hedgerow-nesting songbirds.Read more

Raffle winners!

We are pleased to announce to winners of Ruby Robin's Christmas Raffle 2017Read more

Dawn Chorus Autumn Winter 2017 Edition

The latest edition of our Dawn Chorus magazine is now available to view onlineRead more

SBS partners with Flyback products

Flyback Products have extended their range of quality poultry food to include feed for our wild birdsRead more

The Scotsman, 14 February 2017

Losing 60 per cent of our songbirds in one year would be a disaster, yet few people seem to have noticed - or perhaps even care - that this catastrophic decline has happened slowly, over decades.Read more

New site live!

New SBS website goes live.Read more

Spring/Summer 2017 Newsletter

The latest newsletter is now available to view onlineRead more

Zlug Endorsement

SBS endorse new productRead more

Express, 20 December 2016

Warning for bird lovers over putting out food near predator nests in breeding seasonRead more