An SBS member from Oxfordshire, Amanda Cooper, and her husband Robert, opened their garden to visitors again in September this year.

As part of the National Garden Scheme (NGS), all proceeds raised from the entrance fee to gardens in the scheme are donated to cancer charities.

Like last year, when Amanda and Robert opened their garden with NGS, they chose to ask visitors for donations to SongBird Survival for the tea and tasty cakes she made for the occasion.

amabda cooper

Amanda describes her garden "A country garden which runs down to a tiny tributary of the Evenlode, ours is dominated by huge willow trees (on which I saw a treecreeper not long ago). We have completely replanted the garden since 2006, all on a slope with mossy old farmyard walls and the occasional apple tree".

amanda cooper garden

Last year Amanda and Robert raised a fantastic £230 for SBS from the tea and cake donations,  and this year the total exceeded her expectations and she was able to send us a whopping £300 for the charity!

Talking about the open garden day Amanda said "It's only the two of us and with a limited budget, so we do what we can, and people seem to appreciate it. We had 61 visitors, so took a good amount of gate money for the National Garden Scheme, but the tea money is ours to do what we want with, so I don't charge for teas, but just ask for donations to SongBird Survival to which folk are more than generous".

a cooper donation sign

Amanda has been developing her garden since 2006, with a natural winding stream running through the cottage garden it is a haven for wildlife including many garden birds.

Amanda is passionate about helping birdlife, and as a member of SBS she knows how much we depend on the generous donations and fundraising efforts of our members to continue the much-needed research into the decline of songbirds.

We are all extremely grateful here at SBS to Amanda and Robert for their continued support and wonderful efforts to fundraise for us! 

If you would like to organise a fundraising event, however big or small, every little really does help, so please visit our fundraising page for some inspiration!

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