An in memory gift is a donation made after an individual has passed away

This could be a specific sum given by their heirs, or a collection in lieu of flowers at their funeral.

These gifts are vital to fund our expanding research program and continuing the fight to save our songbirds.

Let us help you set up an In Memory Gift:

Your Stories:

Bruce Cowe

Bruce was a long time supporter of SBS.  An active member who regularly regaled friends and family about SBS and the work we do.

Sadly we received messages from his family advising he had died at home, surrounded by his family, aged 86.  Having spoken with him on the phone before I had not realised his age.  I do remember long chats about birds and the problems they face as well as discussions about our own work, interspersed with good natured jokes and some great stories from his life.  He seemed like a wonderful man and I was very sad to hear of his passing.

The family were very keen for Bruce’s support for SBS to continue with his funeral and set up an in memory collection with us.  They asked for leaflets and newsletters so they could give them out at the funeral so everyone could know about the cause.  They even had special nestbox shaped collection boxes made for use on the day.  We set up an online donation page as well as the cash and cheques they collected at the funeral.

In Memory Bruce Cowe collection nestbox

In total over £2,600 was raised; an amazing sum to remember a lovely man.  I asked the family if they would like the funds to be used for any specific purpose and they were pleased to be able to support the education of young people in their local area as this would be the perfect way to remember Bruce; since he had always tried to educate those around him on the subject.  We have set aside the funds to be used at our schools programme.  These funds will allow us to attend their local area for the next two years and educate over 2,500 children.

I have since met some of his lovely family in person and they have all promised to join the charity as members in Bruce’s memory.

We are now partnered with memorial website specialists MuchLoved to offer you the ability to create your own website dedicated to a loved one who has died, with an online funeral notice service to help collect donations for our charity should you wish.

MuchLoved is a charity set up to help bereaved people following a death, their memorial website service is both easy to use and sensitively designed. Click here to find out more.