Farmland bird declines can be reversed in three years says GWCT Wales

GWCT’s three-legged stool approach - habitat management, predator control and supplementary feeding – are the key ingredients needed to reverse the decline in farmland birds in just three years, according to GWCT Wales director Sue Evans

Talking at the Commons Graziers Gathering last week organised by the National Sheep Association & Welsh Commons Forum, GWCT is unequivocal in its message that in just three years a real difference can be made to reversing wildlife declines.

Yellowhammer singing

Years of GWCT evidence has proven that the three-legged stool approach can produce staggering uplifts in bird numbers alongside maintaining farm yields.  GWCT demonstrated the positive outcomes of this approach to Welsh Government on Terry Mills' Cruglas Farm, encouraging the adoption of these principles into the future farmer focused scheme. 

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