Gamekeepers vital in protecting rare birds, report finds

Posted 20th August 2018 - Research shows massive impact of predator control on ground nesting bird populationsRead more

Baby swallows wait to be fed

posted 18th August 2018 - Adorable baby swallows can be seen waiting to be fed with their mouths open as their mother flies overRead more

Turkey farmer planting special crops to save yellowhammers

Posted 17th August 2018 - Turkey farmer planting special crops to save yellowhammersRead more

Puzzling sound of a Willow Warbler

Posted 14th August 2018 - The Puzzling sound of a Willow WarblerRead more

A bird's eye view

Posted 12th August 2018 - A bird's eye view: Songbirds perceive colour like humansRead more

Cumbrian farmer scoops lapwing award

Posted 10th August 2018 - Outstanding efforts for conservation recognised with national award.Read more

Conservation project gives threatened curlew a vital head-start

Posted 7th August 2018 - UK lowland recovery programme is taking drastic action to help save a threatened speciesRead more

Update on Strathbraan licence to cull ravens

Posted 2nd August 2018 - Report into Strathbraan Community work to support wader populations published todayRead more

Scottish Natural Heritage under fire over wild bird cull licences

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Czech farmland bird populations crash after it joins EU

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Common cranes 'here to stay' after recolonising eastern England

Posted 17th July 2018 - End of 400-year absence for UK’s tallest birdRead more

Breeding birds benefit from mink removal in Outer Hebrides

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