New initiative may help to boost red squirrel numbers

Posted - 22nd May 2018 Research shows pine martens positive effect on red squirrel numbersRead more

Housebuilders building for nature

Posted 21st May 2018 - New projects by housebuilders aiming to boost falling numbers of wildlifeRead more

Parents time their workload to reduce danger

Posted 22nd May 2018 - Synchronisation of parental behaviours reduces the risk of nest predation in a socially monogamous passerine birdRead more

Stone curlew eggs stolen from Cavenham Heath reserve

Posted 15th May 2018 - Police involved in protected stone curlew egg theftRead more

Sometimes we must kill animals to be kind

Posted 11th May 2018 - If the island of South Georgia can eradicate rats we should be able to do the same with grey squirrels and urban foxesRead more

North Yorkshire town becomes swift friendly

Posted 10th May 2018 - A town in North Yorkshire helps to boost breeding population of Common SwiftRead more

How birds got their beaks

Posted 3rd May 2018 - New fossil evidence showing ancient 'transitional' bird skullRead more

Hungry birds as climate change drives food ‘mismatch’

Posted 2nd May 2018 - Warmer springs create a mismatch where hungry chicks hatch too late to feast on abundant caterpillars, new research showsRead more

Blackcap, redstart, yellowhammer: what’s in a bird’s name?

Posted 1st May 2018 - The author of a new book on the history of birds’ names found tales of conquest, myth and human endeavourRead more

First hand-reared godwit returns to Britain

Posted 26th April 2018 - A hand-reared Black-tailed Godwit has returned to the East Anglian Fens after migrating as far as Portugal for the winterRead more

One in eight bird species is threatened with extinction

Posted 25th April 2018 - Report on the state of the world’s birds reveals a biodiversity crisisRead more

Unclean bird feeders could aid the spread of diseases

Posted 24th April 2018 - Warning from researchers that unclean bird feeders may be causing increase in transmission of diseases between garden birdsRead more