'Triple hybrid' warbler is new to science

Posted 15th November 2018 - First three-species hybrid bird found in U.SRead more

Bird populations decrease in areas adjacent to wind turbines

Posted 31st October 2018 - New study in Ireland shows the effect of wind turbines for birdsRead more

Dinosaur fossil may be a whole new species of the first birds

Posted 30th October 2018 - A new species of Archaeopteryx, the famous “first bird”, has been identified.Read more

‘Macho’ male birds more likely to settle down and find a mate

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Wildflowers on farmland could be key in reversing swallow declines

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Winter declines noted in Scottish waders

Posted 2nd October 2018 - Climate change believed to be a major factor for an all-time low in numbersRead more

Bittern numbers reach record high

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Farmers help Somerset’s special bird species buck the trend

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Stork's tracking device clocks up 20 hours of calls

Posted 20th September 2018 - Polish environmental charity receives mysterious mobile phone billRead more

Garden bird seed linked with deaths of critically endangered British doves

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New tower and calling system aims to attract migratory birds as UK numbers dip

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Burlier birds get the worm!

Posted 6th September 2018 - Recent survey shows smaller birds losing out at feeding timesRead more