Running a Charity Fete

Organising and running a fete is a great fundraising idea that will promote awareness of the charity but more importantly raise lots of money.


The Venue

The first step to a great charity fete is selecting a superb venue. You will have to look at your budget to determine how much you can afford to spend on the venue itself. Consider location, you want the fete to be easily accessible by road and public transport so that the maximum amount of people attend. Next you need to consider, size. How many people are you expecting to attend? Will a village green be suitable? Or do you need to find a larger space such as a park or football ground? You also need to think about onsite facilities, if the venue doesn't have toilets nearby then you may have to provide portaloos, which you will need to factor into your expenses.

Once you have sourced a suitable venue it's time to negotiate a price. Mention to the site owners that you are running a fundraiser in aid of a charitable cause; they may offer you a discounted price or maybe even give it to you for free!

Fundraising Events

Once you have picked a venue, the next stage is planning what attractions you will have at your fete in order to raise funds for the charity. Below are some ideas to get you started: coconut shy, bouncy castle, sweets in a jar, face painting, hook a duck, hoopla, lucky dip, obstacle course, tug-of-war, sack race, donkey rides, welly throwing, raffle, refreshments, cake stand and don’t forget to have a stand for SBS; we can send you leaflets and merchandise to sell..

Outside Traders - Speak to local businesses and traders to see if they want to sell their goods or advertise at the fete. You can then charge for them to trade at your fundraiser or arrange to take a percentage of their takings. A risk-free way to make lots of money for your chosen charity.

Promoting your fundraiser

So you now have the venue chosen and the attractions planned, the next step is to promote your fundraising fete. Promotion is a vital part of running a successful fundraising event, the more people that know about the fete the more likely you are to make raise lots of money.

Start by sending out press releases to local media explaining about the charity and where and when the fete is. It is also worth contacting local newspapers to see if they will cover the event on the day; this is a great way to increase awareness of the charity after the event.

In this day and age everyone is on the internet so why not promote there. Set up a website with more details about the fete and how people can get involved, you can then link to the site on all your promotional material. If you have Facebook then set up an event or group and invite all your friends and encourage them to invite theirs, this is a quick and effective way to promote and won't cost you a penny! Click here for help setting up a Facebook event.

You could also go down the more traditional route and get leaflets and posters printed. This is slightly more expensive but is effective, especially if you flyer in and around the area of the venue.

Start your promotional campaign early on and continue right up until the day of the fete. It really does pay dividends to invest time and money in effective promotions, the end result will be a successful fundraising event that raises lots of money for your chosen charity.


Don't forget to have fun!

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