Collared Dove

(Streptopelia decaocto)

Alert Status: Green - 266% increase


Identifying Features: Collared doves are a pale, pinky-brown grey colour, with a distinctive black neck collar (as the name suggests). They have deep red eyes and reddish feet.
Average Length: 31-33 cm
Average Lifespan: 3 years
Average Wingspan: 47-55 cm


Beak type: Seeds


Natural: Cereal grains and smaller seeds, berries, shoots
How to feed: Bird tables, ground feeder, but they are increasingly managing to feed from hanging bird feeders, especially if seed trays are fitted.
What to feed:   Small bird seed and grains


Nesting: Like all pigeons, they use a flimsy platform of twigs in a tree, but sometimes on a building.


Where to see: Collared doves can be seen just about anywhere, but often around towns and villages. They're common visitors to gardens. 

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Eurasian Collared Dove song by Richard D
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