Facebook is a great way to spread awareness about your fundraising event. No matter what type of fundraising activity you are involved with, you can easily involve friends, family and work colleagues by setting up a Facebook group or event.  If you have created a fundraising page on our website (here) then you can add your Facebook event or group to this page but better yet, you can share a link to your SBS page to receive online donations.

If you haven't already, you will need to sign up to Facebook. Once logged in, click on the Group or Event tabs on the left hand side of the homepage. The next step is to click the button for create a group or create an event. If you are running a fundraising event such as a charity auction or cake sale, then it is best to create an event. If you are collecting for charity in general then go with the group option. Once you have decided which route to go down, it's just a simple case of following the on screen instructions.

5 simple tips to creating the perfect Facebook group/event

  1. Set-Up - When you are creating the Facebook event or group, make sure you select a title, category and description which is relevant and best describes your fundraising activity. You should offer as much information as possible about SBS and the event.  Make sure to link with our Facebook page (@SongBirdSOS) and tag us in photos and comments so we can help to promote your event. Remember to ensure you put down contact information, dates and location of the event. If you really want to engage with members of the group and create a community around your fundraiser then allow people to post comments, photos and videos. It is also a good idea to check that you have made the event/group public so anyone can join!

  2. The Snow Ball Effect - The best way to promote your group or event is start inviting people to join through a personal invitation. What is great about Facebook is that when someone joins an event or group it notifies others on their homepage. This creates a snow ball effect as other people notice their friends joining a new group and may check out the group/event and join up themselves. The more people that join, the more coverage you group/event will get so ask members of the group to spread the word to their friends.

  3. The Power of Email - Facebook allows you to send event and group invitations to your email address book contacts on Hotmail, Gmail, Yahoo and Outlook. This means you can promote your group or event to your friends and family who are yet to join up to Facebook. To take advantage of this simply click the invite people to join button and then select invite people that are not on Facebook via email. This is a great way to promote and raise even more awareness of your fundraiser.

  4. Promote your Group/Event outside of Facebook - Remember, the more people that are aware of your fundraiser the more cash your likely to raise. With this in mind, you should promote your group/event outside of Facebook. For example, you could put the link on website forum signatures, on the bottom of email correspondence or on any blogs, websites where you have a web presence.

  5. Update - Finally, keep your group or event updated regularly to keep people interested. Update with news, videos and photos along with comments.  Don’t forget to follow up after the event with more pictures of everyone having fun and information on how many people came and how much was raised for SBS.


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