Chaffinch song by Jorge Leitao, Xeno-canto


Chaffinch (Fringilla coelebs)

Alert Status: Green
Identifying Features: Double white wing bars; male has a pinkish-peach breast with a blue-grey crown & nape. Female has grey-brown underparts
Average Length: 14.5 cm
Average Lifespan: 3 Years
Average Wingspan: 24.5-28.5 cm
Beak type: Seeds


Natural: Seeds, beech-masts & grain
How to feed: Ground feeders & bird tables
What to feed: Mixed seeds, sunflower hearts, peanut granules

In a fork of trees or shrubs; cup nest made of moss, grass, feathers & hair bound with spiders' webs
Where to see: Widespead across the UK; usually found in hedgerows, woodlands, fields & parks