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Songbirds Are Friends Not Food

Welcome to Songbird Survival’s Friends Not Food kids competition page!


This summer we have created a fun research task which involves learning about songbirds and cats with the chance to win a fun prize!  

How to help 

Help us to Find Our Friends who have gone missing here in the UK!


We need volunteers to do a fun science research task and find our feathered friends in your gardens and local areas! 

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What to do? 

  1. Download our leaflet here and print it off at home! 

  2. Have fun in your garden finding your local bird species and identifying them with the help of a parent! 

  3. Answer our cat questions about if you or someone nearby owns a cat! 

  4. Enter your research data here with 3 simple steps to spot, plot and share! 

  5. Check back after a little while and you can see your data on our map, getting us one step closer to finding all our friends! 


What can I win? 

Not only will you have fun submitting your data like a real scientist to our Find Our Friends what3birds page, but you have the chance to win a great prize!


We have prepared a fun puppets prize box from the puppet company, with a fun hideaway tree house with some feathered friends for you to play with at home! 

For more fun, puzzles and games, click here:

What are the rules? 

  • Enter your data by midnight of the 15th August to be in with a chance of winning the prize 

  • All entrants must be under 18 but must ask their parents or guardian before entering the competition 

  • Get a parent/guardian over the age of 18 to help you complete the form online