Fundraising and the law

It is important to consider laws and regulations which may affect you and your fundraising event or activity



If you are planning on running a raffle or tombola style event then you need to remember that by law you can't sell tickets to Under 16's. The law also states that you can't offer cash prizes! If your raffle/tombola is going to be held in the public domain then you will need to apply to your local authority or council for a licence. If it is a private event, for example, tickets are only sold to family, work colleagues or members of a private club then a licence isn't required. Contact us in the office for more information as our charity licence may cover your event.


Charity Collections 

Fundraising through charity collections is a popular way to raise cash. There are, however, strict laws which you will need to abide too. Firstly, the minimum age for collecting money is 16. If you are collecting money in a public place such as the high street or door-to-door then you will require a permit from the local authority. If you are collecting in a private area then you need official permission from the owner of the site.


Events that involve Music 

If your fundraiser involves music you will need to contact the local authority. If they approve your charitable event then they will provide the required licences free of charge.


Selling Alcoholic Beverages 

Under the Licensing (Occasional Provisions) Act you will need permission from your local licencing authority to sell alcohol at your fundraising event. Alternatively, you can get a licencee to put on a bar at your charity event, this means you can host an event without a premises licence but will mean you will lose out on potential revenue from the sale of alcohol.


Posters, Leaflets, Flyers 

If you are going to put up posters or hand our leaflets and flyers in the public domain then it is important that you gain permission from your local authority to do so. You need to make sure that our Charity Registration Number (1085281) is printed on all material.



With the current litigious climate it is imperative that you are covered by the local authority public liability insurance if you are hosting a fundraiser in a public area. This type of insurance will protect you in the event of someone having an accident during the event. Contact us in the office to find out if our insurance may cover your event.


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