Get sponsors

Walk, Swim, Run, Jump out of a plane

Whatever you fancy doing to help raise funds for SBS should be fun, challenging and worth asking people for money to do.


How to raise funds through sponsorship

Sponsorship is a low-risk way of fundraising for charity. Sponsorship means that an individual or organisation agrees to pledge money to someone if they complete a pre-defined task. A common example is sponsored runs. A sponsor would donate money if you get to the end of the run or for number of miles completed.

There are lots of fundraising events that you can gain sponsorship for, such as:

Skydive, Run, Walk, Crawl, Jog, Swim, Cycle, Skip, Silence, Shave, 24-hour event

The sky really is the limit when it comes to sponsorship events, the more challenging the better!


Top Tips for Sponsorship 

Tip 1: Sponsorship Form - This piece of paper is what comes between you and successful fundraising event. Keep the sponsorship form on you at all times and guard it with your life! You never know when you may bump into someone who is willing to sponsor you and losing the form could be disastrous. Download the SBS sponsorship form here.

Tip 2: Go Online - Why not mix traditional methods with modern to increase the number of pledges for your fundraiser. Set up an online sponsorship page (here) in conjunction with your paper sponsorship form.

Tip 3: Matched Giving - Look out for and approach companies that offer matched giving. This is where a company or individual offers to match the donations you manage to raise for your fundraiser. This, in effect will double the amount of sponsorship. If they don't offer matched giving then enquire as to whether they will give a one off donation or equipment.

Tip 4: Publicise - The more people that are aware of the fundraising event the more likely you are to gain sponsorship. Send out press releases to local and national papers along with radio stations- this is a great way to not only raise money but awareness of the charity too.

It is also worth leaving sponsorship forms in prominent places such as staff rooms, common rooms, libraries or community hall notice boards. This allows people to sponsor you even without you being there and is ideal if you find it hard to approach people directly for sponsorship.

Tip 5: Payment - Finally you need to consider how you are going to collect the money. Consider asking for the cash upfront or a post-dated cheque, this will save you time and gives them peace of mind too.

Tip 6: Gift aid - Don’t forget to ask people whether their sponsorship gift is eligible for gift aid.

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Fundraising is fun!