How to Host a Fundraising Party 

Whether you are looking to raise money for an individual appeal or for funds in general, with some prior preparation, you can host a great party that will raise both cash and awareness. Whether you're planning a small gathering or a fully-fledged event with several hundred, here is a guide to assist you in your planning.



The first thing you need to consider is whether your fundraising party is going to be based on a theme. It could be based on Birds or conservation or perhaps the time of year such as a Halloween or Christmas.

In addition to selecting a theme, you need to decide what type of party you want to host. Will there be a strict dress code? What type of entertainment will there be? You need to also consider who you are going to invite, a children's party requires different planning to a formal dinner and dance for adults.


Revenue Streams

The bottom line to throwing a fundraising party is to make money. You need to work out your costings to ensure you make enough money to cover your overheads and make profit for the cause. There are numerous ways you can make money from a charity party, such as charging admission, selling drinks, food even holding a raffle or auction.

Remember the key to a successful fundraising event is profit! Deducting your expenses from your projected revenue will give you a good idea as to whether your fundraiser is viable.


Booking the Venue

Once you have your fundraising party plan in place, the next step is to find a suitable venue. If you are having a small get-together at your home then this shouldn't be too difficult. If you are planning to have a large number of guests then consider booking the local community centre, pub, town hall, or school venue. It is worth speaking with the owners to see if they will offer the venue for free as a charitable contribution.

When you are booking a venue you need to consider allowing time to set up the event and clean up afterwards. For example, if you plan to have the party between 7pm-10pm, book the venue between the hours of 5pm-11pm this gives you ample time to prepare.

You should also enquire as to what the venue will provide in terms of furniture and kitchen facilities.



So now you have a time and date for your charity event, the next step is to promote. You should start by writing a list of guests you want to attend. If it's a small gathering then you could simply send personal invitations to your guests. If you are planning a party on a large scale you will need to promote with fliers and posters and online. It is also worth contacting the local press to see if they will cover the event. You could always try social media and create a Facebook event. Promotion is vital, the more tickets you sell the more money you will make, so ensure you pour your effort and resources into this stage of the planning.



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