(Vanellus vanellus)

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Alert Status: Red – 55% decline


Identifying Features: From a distance the Lapwing appears black above and white below, but closer observation will reveal the upperparts as a beautiful iridescent dark green and purple. The breast and cheeks are white and under-tail coverts are orange-brown. The legs are pink.
Average Length: 28-31 cm
Average Lifespan: 4-5 years
Average Wingspan: 70-76 cm


Beak type: Insects


Natural: Earthworms, beetles, flies and caterpillars


Nesting: The nest is a shallow hollow, usually in an open area, for example: meadow, marshland, farmland, and industrial sites, indeed, anywhere there is bare ground and damp areas for the chicks to feed.


Where to see: Lapwings are found on farmland throughout the UK particularly in lowland areas of northern England, the Borders and eastern Scotland. 

Northern Lapwing by Bernard Bousquet, Xe
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