Eddie has a passion for wildlife. For over 50 years, he has worked on farms and estates as a warrener and pest controller in Norfolk. His love of the countryside has led to him becoming an enthusiastic supporter of SongBird Survival, and he has turned out to be one of SBS’s super volunteers.

Describing what motivates him to volunteer for SBS, Eddie says:

“We have got to do something before all our songbirds are gone from our planet. Wildlife is one of our world’s biggest assets.”

Eddie’s knowledge of wildlife and countryside matters makes him a fantastic source of information for visitors to his stall and events. A keen horticulturalist, he uses his own organic garden to create a haven for wildlife. Slug pellets, and roadside hedge flailers which indiscriminately destroy low-lying and ground nests are among his bugbears. His own medium-sized garden currently boasts 11 nests and he has made and distributed countless bird boxes for others which have been successfully used by a variety of species, including bats, owls, and tits.

“We’ve got to help the insects. They’re the birds’ main source of food. If you want to imagine what it must be like for them, imagine walking into Sainsbury’s and finding all the shelves empty.”

Eddie also campaigns for protection and restoration of important wildlife habitats, including the curtailing of roadside verge cutting across Norfolk to stop the destruction of birds’ nests and food for wildlife.

Eddie’s commitment and determination to spread the word about SongBird Survival’s work is reflected in his fantastic achievement to date: through sponsored walks, events and table top sales, Eddie and his friend Lynn have raised over £15,000 for SBS.

Without volunteers like Eddie, SongBird Survival would not be able to continue its important work, identifying the causes of songbird decline, and saving our songbirds for the next generation.