Have you ever puzzled trying to come up with a gift idea for the person who has everything?

Or maybe you feel a donation on behalf of a loved one is much more valuable than a physical gift?

Whatever your motivation, a donation to a worthy cause in lieu of a gift will always be greatly appreciated by your chosen charity!

Jenny M, from Buckinghamshire recently donated £70 to SBS on behalf of her family members, in lieu of gifts.

Jenny's donation will be put towards our latest research project, to continue our cat research, which is well underway with the University of Exeter.

If you would like to donate a monetary gift on behalf of a friend or family member please click here, we can arrange everything for you and send a letter of thanks to the recipient(s) of your gift-in-lieu in a personal hand-written card.

Your gift is vital to fund our expanding research and education programme, and to continue the fight to save our songbirds.

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