The GWCT has produced short, tailored, user-friendly, version of Defra’s new General Licence survey for hard-working General Licence users.

Although SBS will respond in full in due course. We do recommend this option so make sure your voice is heard.

Go to the GWCT website to have your say:

"The GWCT has produced a survey to capture the detail that Defra has said it is looking for in its new consultation. As with the previous consultation, we will collate and anonymise the information before submitting it to Defra on your behalf. The closing date for our survey is 5th November.

Why is this user survey so important?

In a perfect world, Defra would sit on a mountain of scientific literature. It would have robust scientific evidence of the impact of every species on every other species, in every situation, before issuing any licences.

As with most things in life, we don’t live in a perfect world. Some activists are exploiting this by suggesting that licences must be withdrawn or changed as a result. However, under UK administrative law, government agencies are required to understand the impact of any proposed changes on users. This is why you must share your experience and views.

Defra have encouraged the GWCT to engage with members and supporters on this issue and welcome our proactive approach of collating and submitting general licence user information."

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