New SBS Partnership

We are so pleased to announce that the wonderful J T Seeds from Cambridgeshire have set up Songbird Watch

Formed in order to increase and protect the numbers of wild songbirds in the UK by optimising their nutrition, according to their needs, and giving everyone the opportunity to feed the very best nutritionally correct food that will keep our beautiful songbirds healthy and happy.

Songbird Watch - J T SeedsClick here to learn more

Not only do JT farm with the highest environmental methods, but they also produce the most wonderful foods to help our song and other small birds (as well as hedgehogs and other wildlife too!)

farmlandfind out more about the farm here

This is great news for wildlife - but especially for songbirds.  Not only is JT and Songbird Watch helping wildlife where they are they are also contributing to SongBird Survival's research fund!

Every sale of their wonderful robin and songbird mix raises a donation of SBS!

JT Seeds songbird watch food mix

Buy yours today!

A high energy no husk wild bird seed.  Small seed, peanut chips, sunflower hearts, suet pellets and mealwmorms.

Just £24 for 20kg with Free P&P

find out more about becoming an SBS partner here