Three new General Licences announced by Defra

After Defra called for evidence last month to better understand the way forward that they should take and they received over 4,000 submissions, including from SBS on your behalf (here), they have announced interim licencing valid until 29 February 2020.

View the official announcement here on the .Gov website

Defra continues to lead a review for the long-term future of licencing but, for now, if you need to control certain species of wild birds to conserve wild birds and flora or fauna then you can use the new GL34 licence - click here to read the full details and any restrictions that may be in place for your location.

magpie eating songbird chick stolen from nest by Ian Redding

Our most recent research, published at the end of last month (see here), contributed even more evidence for the need for careful, targetted and specific control of magpies in some areas.

We need your help to bring more evidence to the discussion and help our policymakers decide what is best for our wildlife and environment. 

Our research programme is providing this evidence and only you can make this happen. 

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