Photography Competition

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The competition is now closed

The contest encourages photographers to capture images of beautiful yet at-risk British songbirds to help raise awareness of the 50% decline in UK songbirds in 50 years.

Prizes include a Fujinon Camera & Lenses worth £2,000, bundles of bird-related gifts and a photography mentoring session.

Theme:  There are five main categories and entries should depict songbirds and other small birds from the UK (resident and migratory).

We are particularly encouraging entries showing the at-risk birds included in our what3birds? list of rapidly declining species:

Bathtime by Lucy Goodson 28 May 2020.jpg

We encourage people of all ages, both urban and rural, to get outdoors and appreciate exquisite birdsong whilst they snap away using the phone-camera or professional kit.  The competition is open to people of ALL abilities because all of us can learn the value of these precious species, many of which are now at risk from extinction.  Anyone can win, and entering will help keep our dawn chorus alive!

Susan Morgan, CEO, SongBird Survival

by Lucy Goodson

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Winners will be announced on World Photography Day, 19th August 2021
and will be featured in a gallery on the SBS website.

Please read our terms of entry before submitting any entries:

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Chaffinch & Great Tit.jpg
Snow Bunting - Alan Hewitt 2048px.jpg
Coal Tits - Catherine Webster.jpg
Two Redpoll On Feeder.jpg

by Karl Talbott

Chaffinch and Great tit
by David Bowden

Bob the Robin
by Tony Putman

Coal tits
by Catherine Webster

by Tom Streeter

Snow Buntings
by Alan Hewitt

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