Photography Competition


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Category 1 - Female Birds

Often the less brightly coloured of our bird species, but oh so very important!

Female birds are amazing and we would love to see what you have captured on film!

Bullfinch female.jpg

Category 2 - Male Birds

The easiest of the sexes for identifying species due to their brighter markings.

Portray their beautiful and busy lives with your photographs.


Male Siskin.jpg

Category 3 - Fledgling Birds

The cutest, fluffiest, most clumsy of all the bird stages!

It's the perfect time to capture the precious moments of the brave fledgling babies.

baby blue tit cute cock head 5240514.jpg

Category 4 - Birds in Flight

Wings are simply wonderful!

Delicate feathers making a finely tuned acrobatic machine.


Show us your skills in capturing those manoeuvres on the wing?


Category 5 - Children's Entry

Any bird, anytime, anywhere - taken by a budding photographer aged 12 years and under.

Send us your favourite shot along with the story that goes with your picture.

calling for food fledgling.jpg

Special Category - what3birds?

All entries featuring our regional what3birds? species will be entered into our Special what3birds? category.


The judges will pick their favourite picture from these entries.


The species which are eligible for this category are:

  • Cuckoo

  • Curlew

  • Greenfinch

  • House martin

  • House sparrow

  • Lapwing

  • Meadow pipit

  • Mistle thrush
  • Reed bunting

  • Skylark

  • Starling

  • Swift

  • Turtle dove

  • Willow warbler

  • Yellowhammer

Skylark KC Mark Howard Nov 2018.jpg

Find out more about which birds are most at-risk in your area: 

Don't forget the overall winner of the Flying High Award will be chosen from each category winner