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Give nature its space this spring

Excellent advice for us all from the Canadian Environment Ministry.

Spring is an exciting time for nature enthusiasts when young animals such as ducklings, rabbits, songbirds or fawns can be viewed in their natural habitats. 

However, the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment wants to emphasise a simple message to well-intentioned people who want to pick up and rescue what appear to be orphaned young animals: please don’t touch them.

In nature, young animals and birds are purposely placed into seclusion by their mothers to protect them from predators, ministry officials say.

Juvenile Robin

In the majority of cases, these young animals are not abandoned or deserted, and the mother is nearby watching. The ministry warns the chances for survival decrease when these young animals come into contact with humans. 

Only wildlife rehabilitators are licensed to care for orphaned and injured animals. They are trained to make sure animals are given appropriate care and nutrition to help improve their chances of survival when they are released back into the wild.

A young animal should only be picked up if the parent is found dead nearby, or in an unnatural situation such as a young songbird found on a doorstep.  In that case, the young bird could be moved to the closest suitable habitat.

Remember – give wildlife their space.

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