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‘Lucky view of a rare sight’: Nesting Stone Curlew captured live on webcam

Bird watchers across the county have been enjoying a “rare sight” as the Norfolk Wildlife Trust (NWT) have captured a curlew nesting on its live webcam.

The Stone Curlew, which migrates from southern Europe during the summer season, has returned to its nesting spot in the Brecks, on Weeting Heath and the NWT have caught it on camera.

James Symonds, Weeting Heath Warden at the Norfolk Wildlife Trust, said: “People are getting a lucky view of a very rare sight of a Stone Curlew on the nest. It’s fantastic.

There are 300 breeding pairs across Britain and two-thirds of those are in Breckland.

“We are lucky to have four breeding pairs on site at the moment. They nest on the bare ground and these birds have been there for about a week. Stone Curlews are interesting because the male and female share parental care and they will incubate the eggs for around 26 days"

“Each will take it in turn and the changeover on the eggs roughly every 40 minutes"

This exciting news comes after a species recovery project has been successful in increasing the population of the bird since its numbers dwindled around the 80s.

Read the full article and view the live webcam here

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