It’s Remember a Charity in your Will Week

According to Remember a Charity, 74% of the UK population support charities and 35% of people say that when family and friends have been provided for, they’d be happy to leave a gift in their Will.  However, only 7% of people actually go on to do this.

The aim of Remember a Charity in your Will Week is to raise awareness and inspire more people to leave a gift in their will.

Have your say on the world you want to pass on

There are four main types of gift commonly left to a charity in a will:

  • Pecuniary Gift – A sum of money left specifically to a charity in a will
  • Residuary Gift – This gift represents the remainder of an estate after all other beneficiaries have been provided for
  • Specific Request – This is when a specific, named item (such as a painting) is left to the charity
  • Contingent benefit – This type of gift depends on other factors occurring.  For example, the gift depends on the donor outliving all other beneficiaries.

Remember SBS as your Charity this year

Through leaving a gift in your will, it has the ability to leave a lasting legacy that will make a huge difference to our work and the future of songbirds.