100-club ticket

The SBS 100 Club lottery scheme has raised an amazing £24,000 for our research programme since we started the scheme in 2012

So far we have given £7,800 out to prize winners - that's £120 every month plus, in December, the prize is doubled to £240!

The scheme is only open to supporters of SBS

Tickets are only £12 per year - that's just £1 per month to be in with a chance to win £120 every month!

For every 100 tickets sold we increase the prize fund by £20 per month!  

You can buy as many tickets as you like - the more tickets we sell then the higher we can increase the monthly prize for you

Choose your number of tickets and click checkout to buy yours now

Ticket numbers are allocated at random and each month we use a random generator to pick one of the numbers

We will write to you to confirm your purchase and ticket number

The monthly winner is sent a cheque for their winnings to their address - so make sure you complete your full details so we know where to send your prize! 

Good luck in the draw and thank you for your support