The tale of the missing bird 

Once there were two bullfinches.  One was a child and one was a grown up.  The grown up had a rich orange belly, black head and black and white wing feathers.  The young bullfinch was a sandy colour but also had black and white wing feathers.

As happy as they were, every so often they would be attacked by a magpie.  This was a very sad time for them so Chip, the young bullfinch, would go with his Dad, Ollie, and fly away to a faraway land.

Big magpies had been attacking smaller birds for millions of years.  However, one day the attack was incredibly dangerous!  Chip and his Dad flew away but in different directions.

Crying with a broken heart, Ollie went home crying; wondering where Chip had gone and if he was ok. “I know in my heart he is safe” Sobbed Ollie with tears dripping down his face.  That night he wondered all night long and didn’t sleep with worry.

Chip, on the other hand, found a tiny warm leaf to lay on that night.

The next morning came very quickly and Ollie set out looking for food and Chip.  He went past nuts, berries and mice until he bumped into Chip!

“Chip!  Where have you been!” asked Ollie

“Oh, just to get some food!” replied Chip.

“Don’t ever leave without me knowing where you are ever again.” Said Ollie.

From that day on they lived happily ever after.

The end


This story was written by: Abbie Elizabeth Brewer


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