(Saxicola rubetra)

Alert Status: Red – 57% decline
Identifying Features: Small perching bird. Prominent white stripe above the eye. It is streaky brown above and warm orange-buff on the breast.
Average Length: 12.5 cm
Average Lifespan: 2 years
Average Wingspan: 21-24 cm
Beak type: Insects

Natural: Insects and their larvae, seeds and berries
How to feed: 
What to feed:  
Nesting: The nest is built by the female from dead grass and moss, and lined with fine grasses and hair. The nest is usually on the ground among tall grass on moors and heaths.


Where to see: In the breeding season, whinchat are best looked for in suitable habitat in upland parts of northern and western Britain

Whinchat call by Chris Hind, Xeno-canto.
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