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Helping Save Our Songbirds by funding targeted research
With your support we hope to reverse songbird decline

SongBird Survival is an independent UK environmental bird charity that funds research into the alarming decline in Britain’s much cherished songbirds.  With your support we hope to draw attention to the plight of our song and other small birds and fund research into the causes of their decline in order to help promote solutions to restore songbird numbers.

Your membership and donations help to support our research programme and adds weight to our work with other organisations in hopes we can save our songbirds before it’s too late. 
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SBS IS ON YouTube - Over the course of the summer, we have put together a YouTube video showcasing our current scientific research projects, in order to let members and the general public alike hear from the researchers and help them understand, better, what we are all about.  We are very pleased to release the video clip today and it can be viewed by clicking on the following link below.  Please do share this with family, friends and other contacts.  The more views we get, then the more times other people will see it as a suggestion when they are on-line and the more our work is advertised sending SongBird Survival’s name far and wide.

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SongBird Survival is a charity commissioning research into the decline of Britain’s songbirds. With your support and membership we hope to reverse their decline. 
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