Would you like to partner with an independent wildlife charity?

We believe that your company can benefit hugely from a partnership with SongBird Survival. We offer tailor-made partnerships to make sure they deliver mutually positive outcomes for both your business and SBS.

Why partner with us?

  • Reach new audiences

  We can promote your business to new audiences through that you haven’t reached before, via our website, online shop, appeals, newsletters, shows, events and more.

  • Raise your profile

  By partnering with us you’ll receive a donation certificate for display and demonstrate to your staff, customers, suppliers and community that you are investing in UK wildlife.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

  Deliver your CSR objectives by encouraging enhancement of nature into your core business.

  • Demonstrate your green credentials

  Link your brand with our environmental credentials and differentiate your company from your competitors.

How can I partner with SBS?

A partnership can make a big difference for songbirds in the UK. Our partners are incredibly important to us. Without them we wouldn’t be able to continue our important research and protect songbirds for future generations. You can partner with SBS in 3 ways:

Business Partnership Scheme

Form a business partnership with SBS and we will tailor a scheme to suit your requirements. Contact us to discuss options.


You could sponsor an appeal or event, an edition of our newsletter or our events literature.

Promote Payroll Giving

Employers can give to SongBird Survival by setting up a payroll giving scheme and encouraging their staff to donate through PAYE. Learn more about Payroll Giving here.

Or use our partner platform; Work for Good:

Work for Good logo

If you would like more information on partnering with us, please contact us and we will be happy to discuss your ideas.

Read about some of our partners below:
Songbird Watch - J T Seeds

J T Seeds of Cambridgeshire are pleased to announce their new sister company; Songbird Watch.  aiming to increase and protect wild songbirds by optimising their nutrition.  Learn more

Every sale of robin and songbird mix earns a donation to SBS!

Elgeeco make pest control traps in the UK

SBS feature the traps at shows and events throughout the UK

When ordering and using SBS as your reference, Elgeeco donate £2.50 from the sale of each trap to SBS

Zlug from Zembra is a brand new product which is wildlife friendly, but helps to reduce slug and snail damage almost completely

Zembra are proud to be endorsed by SongBird Survival, and say so on their packaging

Bamford logo

Bamford was founded on the belief that we need to be mindful of our connection to the earth – to live consciously, respect nature’s resources and the land that provides for us.

The founder, Carole Bamford, has kindly opted to donate profits from the sale of their adorable knitted robins to help SongBird Survival - click here to buy yours now

Gumleaf Boots are fantastic natural rubber boots manufactured in Europe

They help SBS in all sorts of way, from member discounts to raffle prizes

Birds and Bees have a fantastic philosophy on their farm where they plant one square foot of new wildflower meadow for every new customer

The Arbuthnotts are wonderful hosts and SBS Director, Keith Cowieson can tell you all about their warm welcome

Keith was invited to be the guest ornithologist on special SBS holidays, where members could enjoy a 10% discount or donate their discount to SBS

Find out more about these events in our newsletter here

Mike Matthews' artworks are inspirational

He raises funds for all sorts of wildlife charities

SBS are lucky to have been able to use some of his wonderful songbird designs for our own range of gifts - click here to find out more

Mike Matthews SBS notelets