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Will you give songbirds a future with a gift in your Will?

After you have remembered your loved ones in your will, choosing to leave a lasting legacy is a powerful way to protect the future of our songbirds.

It won’t just enable critical scientific research today, but will continue to make a difference after you have gone, ensuring a world rich with the sound of songbirds.

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Why leave a gift in your Will to SongBird Survival?

One-third of our research programme is made possible by gifts in wills and in-memory collections. Without legacies we would not be able to continue our work.

Your gift will:

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  • Help create the scientific evidence to fully understand the complex reasons why songbird numbers are crashing
  • Enable us to invest in long term research projects which will find solutions to save songbirds
  • Help us develop educational programmes to encourage people to get involved and take practical action to protect birds

You can order a free information pack, containing all the practical information you need about remembering SongBird Survival in your Will, by filling out the form below.

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How to add a gift to your will

To add SongBird Survival to your will you need our name, address and registered charity number:

Charity name: SongBird Survival

Charity address: PO Box 311, Diss. IP22 1WW

Charity Number: 1085281 (England & Wales)

If you have any questions, please contact Georgina Bradley:

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To help us with our campaign, the details of your gift will be shared with us: your name, your contact details, the amount of any gift and the date you made the will.

We may contact you to thank you, and to keep you updated with information about us and how your gift will help the future of songbirds.

You can make a will and leave a legacy to us without sharing this information by paying for the will directly yourself - click here for full details.

We'd like to thank you!

If you have already included a gift in your will to SongBird Survival, or intend to in the future, we would love to hear from you. Not only will this information allow us to plan for the future but more importantly it means that we can thank you, personally, for your generous pledge.

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Remember a Charity

SongBird Survival is proud to be a member of Remember a Charity, a UK wide network of Charities, Solicitors and other Partners - all working together to highlight the importance of gifts in wills and how easy it is for anyone to remember a cause close to their heart.

We'd like to thank you!

If you have already included a gift in your will to SongBird Survival, or intend to in the future, we would love to hear from you. Not only will this information allow us to plan for the future but more importantly it means that we can thank you, personally, for your generous pledge.

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Giving In Memory

Donating or fundraising in someone's memory is a very special and meaningful way to remember them – honouring their life whilst helping to create a world full of birdsong.

We're always incredibly grateful to receive these donations and thank you for choosing to support SongBird Survival, at this time.There are different ways you can support SongBird Survival in support of someone close to you.

However you decide to remember them, this will be a special way to celebrate their life in a way that makes you both proud.

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your stories

Victoria was an avid bird lover, she particularly loved nightingales, she thought them the most beautiful tiny birds with the most melodic song and was deeply concerned with the decline in their numbers due to the many challenges they, and other songbirds face.

Her father John told us how she spent many hours listening to and recording songbirds, and for her birthday last year, she requested that her friends and family donate to SBS instead of giving gifts.

After Victoria's recent passing, her sister Claire started a birthday fundraiser on Facebook to ask for donations for us in lieu of birthday gifts. Victoria's children, Katrina and Adam, also set up a fundraising page through and invited friends and family to donate.

They all chose SBS as the beneficiary knowing how much it would have meant to Victoria to be able to raise funds for a cause which had been so close to her heart.

With the most generous donations from their friends and family, Claire, Katrina and Adam were collectively able to raise a staggering £1554.26. Such a fantastic amount which honours Victoria's name and will contribute directly to our continued research into the causes of the decline of her cherished nightingales and other threatened songbirds.

This will be a wonderful way to remember Victoria, and, we hope, brings some comfort to Victoria's friends and family at an incredibly sad time

Victoria Joyce

Bruce was a long time supporter of SBS. An active member who regularly regaled friends and family about SBS and the work we do.

Sadly we received messages from his family advising he had died at home, surrounded by his family, aged 86. Having spoken with him on the phone before I had not realised his age. I do remember long chats about birds, interspersed with good natured jokes and some great stories from his life. He seemed like a wonderful man and I was very sad to hear of his passing.

The family were very keen for Bruce’s support for SBS to continue with his funeraland set up an in memory collection with us. They asked for leaflets and newsletters so they could give them out at the funeral so everyone could know about the cause. They even had special nest box shaped collection boxes made for use on the day. We set up an online donation page as well as the cash and cheques they collected at the funeral.

In total over £2,600 was raised; an amazing sum to remember a lovely man. I asked the family if they would like the funds to be used for any specific purpose and they were pleased to be able to support the education of young people in their local area as this would be the perfect way to remember Bruce; since he had always tried to educate those around him on the subject.   

These funds will allow us to attend their local area for the next two years and educate over 2,500 children. I have since met some of his lovely family in person and they have all promised to join the charity as members in Bruce’s memory.

Bruce Cowe

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