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Aim to include these four elements in a wildlife and bird friendly outdoor space.

  • Shelter - shelter is important for birds and small mammals to escape predators. Plant trees, hedges or shrub so that they can hide.
  • Food - bird feeders are a great bonus to any garden to attract birds. Alternatively, planting an assortment of flowers and vegetation will attract insects for birds to feed on whilst plants with seed heads and Berry bushes or fruit trees are a great source of food in winter. 
  • Nesting space  Nest boxes are a great way to provide safe nesting environments for birds. Planting long grasses or cardoons supplies birds with good nesting materials.  Please click the link to see Nest Boxes
  • Water  - Provide a space for water such as a shallow bird bath which is cleaned regularly  Please click the link to see Water 
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a gardening calendar for birds


Start of nesting season: from February to July, breeding season is upon us. Make sure your nest boxes are clean and ready for your feathered friends.


Preparing for summer: keep your bird feeders stocked up as breeding is well underway. April is a good time to sow wildflower meadows and Hardy annuals.


No Mow May and Dawn Chorus Day: try taking part in #nomowmay to support insect life and celebrate international dawn chorus day by putting out a special treat for your birds.


Water Worries: Keep your birdbaths topped up in these hot summer months and allow seed heads on sunflowers and other plants to develop, these are quite the treat for birds!


Tree planting: October is a good time to plant trees, hardy summer bulbs and herbaceous perennials. Any fallen leaves can be left out to provide shelter for wildlife.


Shrubs and bushes: Now is a perfect time to plant shrubs and bushes so they establish before the cold snap. Hawthorn and elder are good choices for shelter as a food source.

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