Inspiring People

Stories from our volunteers and supporters to inspire your creative awareness raising and fundraising activities

Olvie's silence for songbirds.JPG

One of our youngest supporters, Olive, aged 8 was inspired to do her own fundraising challenge after her grandmother, an SBS member, told her about our 50 Miles in September walking challenge. Olive and her mum, Lou, thought it might be a bit tricky completing 50 miles around a busy school schedule so they came up with a different idea of a sponsored silence.

Olive told us "I am doing this silence because I am very worried about our songbirds. I am particularly worried about song thrushes, house sparrows, tree sparrows, nightingales and grey wagtails. This will be a particularly hard challenge for me because I like to talk quite a lot at home!" 

Olive's mum told us that Olive did her own research on endangered songbirds and wrote a little information leaflet about all of the birds on the red list. She also talked to her class about songbirds at risk. We love how committed and proactive Olive has been in raising awareness about the threats songbirds face.

Olive held her 'Silence for songbirds' on Saturday 9th October 2021, and when we asked her how it went, she told us "I found the silence much much harder than I thought, but it was mindful too. I am really pleased with how much money I raised and so happy it is going to help songbirds."

During her silence Olive did some brilliant watercolour paintings of her favourite birds, which you can see below, we think they're pretty fantastic!

We have been absolutely blown away by the amazing sum of £1683 that Olive has raised for her beloved songbirds!

A huge WELL DONE and THANK YOU Olive!

grey wagtail.jpg
song thrush.jpg