Recycle for Charity

Got stuff you don't want anymore?

Why not recycle it?  Click below for services that can donate to SBS when you recycle it.


eBay for charities

Sell your unwanted items and raise funds for SBS

In a nutshell, what is it?

Support SongBird Survival when you shop or sell on eBay. This is made possible by

the eBay for Charity program which has helped eBay buyers and sellers donate

hundreds of millions of dollars to thousands of charities (and we’re one of them!)

Buyers can shop for items knowing they're supporting a good cause. Sellers, whether

they're individuals or businesses, can donate a percentage from any sale to a

charity of their choice and add Gift Aid to their donations. 

  • MAKE US YOUR FAVOURITE! First, personalise your shopping experience to
    benefit our organisation by making us your Favourite charity on eBay. This will help us more than you know.

  • DONATE TO US IN EBAY CHECKOUT: By making us your Favourite, you will automatically see SongBird Survival as your preferred charity when you buy anything on eBay, making it easy to add £1 (or more) upon checkout.

  • SELL YOUR ITEMS TO BENEFIT US: Last but not least: sell your used items on eBay and donate as little as 10% (1% for vehicles) or up to 100% of your sale to benefit us. When  you sell, simply look for the eBay for Charity signature blue and yellow ribbon next to “Make a donation.” Check out the benefits you’ll receive:

    • eBay will waive your Final Value Fees to the extent you donate. (e.g. donate 20% and see 20% of      your Final Value Fees waived)

    • Items that benefit charity sell better, as buyers trust sellers that support charity more.

    • Help the world by upcycling/recycling. Plenty of items that might otherwise end up in a landfill can be readily used by others that may not have the means to buy something new.

    • Feel good for doing good.

  • SELL YOUR USED VEHICLE TO BENEFIT US: Unlike other charity auto programs, you can sell your used vehicle on eBay and donate up to 100% to benefit SongBird Survival. This often can result in a larger donation than the £300 or less you may receive from a dedicated charity auto program. Sell and donate the proceeds today.


Click here to choose SBS as your favourite charity and start raising donations by selling your unwanted items, or search for items that are already listed for us

eBay for Charity donations are administered by PayPal Giving Fund
PayPal Giving Fund is a registered charity (No. 1110538) that enables eBay and PayPal users to give to charity quickly and easily. PayPal Giving Fund certifies charities to participate in the eBay for Charity programme and collects donations from eBay and PayPal users. It also distributes those donations and Gift Aid to donors' chosen charities, which receive 100% of the funds raised

Support SBS when you buy or sell on eBay