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Hunting behaviour in domestic cats: An exploratory study of risk and responsibility among cat owners
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Introduced Grey Squirrels subvert supplementary feeding of suburban wild birds
Hugh J. Hanmer, Rebecca L. Thomas, Mark D.E. Fellowes
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Does best-practice crow Corvus corone and magpie Pica pica control on UK farmland improve nest success in hedgerow-nesting songbirds? A field experiment
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Urbanisation influences range size of the domestic cat (Felis catus): consequences for conservation
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Use of anthropogenic material affects bird nest arthropod community structure: influence of urbanisation, and consequences for ectoparasites and fledging success
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Provision of supplementary food for wild birds may increase the risk of local nest predation
Hugh J. Hanmer, Rebecca L. Thomas & Mark D. E. Fellowes

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Detecting an impact of predation on bird populations depends on the methods used to assess the predators
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