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Like never before, change is needed. Help keep the truth alive about the scale of loss of our birds.


We are in the midst of a crisis affecting songbirds and sadly this isn't a recent problem.

To make change happen for songbirds we must connect younger people with the severity of the loss. We must install in all young people the knowledge and the motivation to protect the future for songbirds. 

This festive season let's come together to inspire and empower younger generations to protect the natural world.

We're stepping up our educational activities, doing more than ever before to inspire children's interest in songbirds and helping them to learn more. 

Will you join us in supporting and growing SongBird Survival's education programme?

Your donation today will help us reach even more young people helping them to create a new generation committed to safeguarding songbirds and the environment they call home.   


    You will help ensure songbirds are not the ghosts of christmas past

    Your kindness today will help us reach and educate more young people to help our songbirds this winter, and to work to reverse the decline of songbird numbers in the UK.

    Thank you so much for your donation, and your committment to our songbirds.

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