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Great Tit and Robin

Our corporate partners create a thriving future for songbirds. Your company can make an enormous impact through supporting us.

As well as raising money for Songbird Survival, a partnership with us is a good way to demonstrate to your staff and customers how much you value preservation of the natural environment and particularly of British birds.  

We work with partners in many ways. Each partnership is tailored and based upon shared values. We make sure you get a real sense of making a difference and that your support is truly recognised and appreciated.

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Cause related marketing - Partner with us on products or services to reach new customers.

Sponsor a campaign - Connect with your target audience by sponsoring one of our educational campaigns.

Charity of the year - Make SongBird Survival your chosen charity in your office, shop or business.

Payroll Giving - Encourage your employees to donate to us directly in a tax efficient way. Learn more here.

Corporate Membership - Join our community with a shared passion for songbirds. Join here.

We are actively seeking new partners and would love to talk to you about working together.

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Metal Motif

We are delighted to be working with Metal Motif, a wonderful new company which shares our passion for supporting songbirds and encouraging others to take action to improve their future.
Their support features a special offer for SongBird Survival supporters. Use code SongbirdWren10 when you checkout a purchase at MetalMotif to receive a 10% discount on your order.  For each purchase, a donation of 10% of the product price will also be made to SongBird Survival.
A bit more about Metal Motif and founders, Corey and Harvey...
We are a Devon based company founded during the lockdown in 2020 by Corey Evans (Left) and Harvey Wilkie (Right) when we took the leap and decided we wanted to begin our own business designing realistic rusted metal garden art.
Whilst working together at our full-time jobs as manufacturing engineers, we would come up with ideas for business ventures involving our shared passion of metalwork and love of creating. Our ideas stemmed from little personal projects and hobbies that caught our imagination, some of which included furniture building, jewellery making and sculpting. But the project that really captivated us and has now grown to a small business is the design and manufacture of realistic rusted metal garden art.
What started as an idea to make gifts for nature-loving friends and family is now not only a business for us, but a true passion that we both love doing and take great pride in. Designing our ‘motifs’ is what we do for fun, with evenings spent drawing and modelling, followed by days discussing and dreaming up further designs. We take inspiration from wildlife in our own back gardens, as well as more exotic animals from around the world. Our range now spans from: common small birds such as woodpeckers, robins and kingfishers; critters such as bees, dragonflies and butterflies and a few furry friends such as rabbits, squirrels.
Producing a quality, highly detailed product that we can take pride in is what we strive to achieve with each ‘motif’ we add to our range. By using high precision fiber laser cutters and COR-TEN® weathering steel we have started to make a name for ourselves both at local markets and national trade fairs.
Metal Motif is a company that’s built on dreams and passion, and we hope you enjoy our work as much as we enjoy creating it for you!


our partners

We are so grateful to our corporate partners who are helping us protect biodiversity and enable a world full of birdsong for our children and grandchildren.

Copdock Mill

Copdock Mill logo

Copdock Mill have been supporting SongBird Survival since 2021 and the partnership has now been renewed to run until 2025.

As well as generously donating £25,000 every two years, the partnership is helping raise awareness with messaging about the decline of songbirds and how bird lovers can help on all wild bird food packaging and at point of sale at stores throughout the East of England.

Copdock Mill produce a wide range of wild bird feed including a variety of mixes for all seasons, seeds and nuts, insects and mealworms and a suet range.

WildBird Trifold Leaflet 2021

"We are delighted to work with SongBird Survival to protect songbirds and to support their work through the sales of our wild bird food range"

Marie Podkormorzy, Marketing Manager


Metal Motif

Metal Motif logo

Metal Motif design and produce highly detailed lifelike metal wildlife designs.

Our partnership enables SongBird Survival and Metal Motif to share advice and information on how to encourage and support birds and wildlife in your garden.

Through the year, special promotions and discounts provide funds to support our work.

"We have teamed up with SongBird Survival to give back and help protect these beautiful creatures that brighten our gardens and bring joy to our daily lives. By partnering with Songbird Survival, we can support their efforts to safeguard and conserve Britain's songbirds. At Metal Motif, we are committed to creating art that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also has a positive impact on the world around us.

Harvey Wilkie - Director



Grazers logo

Our partnership enables SongBird Survival and Grazers to share advice and information on how to encourage and support birds and wildlife in your garden, promoting the use of a natural non harmful approach.

We work together to promote wildlife friendly gardening, sharing advice and tips through online channels and face to face events.

Grazers provide four unique products, ‘helping plants to help themselves ’keeping them free from grazing damage. Not only does Grazers benefit our plants, but also the birds, hedgehogs and amphibians that eat the pests of our plants, so keeping natural wildlife food chains in place and enhancing our environment.



Our partnership enables SongBird Survival and Zembra to share advice and information on how to encourage and support birds and wildlife in your garden, promoting the use of a natural non harmful approach.

Zembra are also corporate members of the charity. Become a corporate member.

Zembra products provide a natural alternative to pesticides. They produce a range of products including Zlug, a natural organic slug barrier which deters slugs and snails rather than harming them. This also then ensures the primary food source for thrushes and other songbirds remain available.

Zembra product range

Slate and Nature

Handmade recycled slate products for the garden and home.

This ongoing partnership benefits both S&N and SBS as each company supports each other. Slate and Nature

Gumleaf Boots

Gumleaf Boots are fantastic natural rubber boots manufactured in Europe.

They have helped SBS in all sorts of ways, from member discounts to raffle prizes


Founded on the belief that we need to be mindful of our connection to the earth – to live consciously, respect nature’s resources and the land that provides for us.

The founder, Carole Bamford, kindly opted to donate profits from the sale of their adorable knitted robins to help SongBird Survival

Arbuthnott Holidays

The Arbuthnotts are wonderful hosts and our old SBS Director, Keith Cowieson can tell you all about their warm welcome.

Keith was invited to be the guest ornithologist on special SBS holidays, where members could enjoy a 10% discount or donate their discount to SBS
Arbouthnott Holidays

We are actively seeking new partners

We would love to talk to you about working together to create a better future and a world in which songbirds thrive.   

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