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You can help to ensure a future for songbirds by making a donation to SongBird Survival through your charitable trust or foundation

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As well as providing vital support for our running costs, significant donations can be used to support a particular area of our work.

For example, your trust could help us undertake a scientific research project such as investigating the impact of pesticides or disturbance on songbirds so that we can find the solutions to reverse their decline. Or maybe you would like to help fund a vital educational project such as Gardens for Birds or National Robin Day, ensuring people have the knowledge and ideas to take practical action to save songbirds in their gardens.  

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We would love to work together with you to create a better future and a world in which songbirds thrive.   

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Why we need the help of trusts and foundations

To make the scale of change needed to save UK songbirds, we focus our work on a number of key areas:

  • Scientific research projects to understand the nature of specific causes of songbird declines and pinpoint tangible solutions

  • Educational campaigns which turn research into action, mobilising change through mass implementation of science and evidence-based solutions

  • Raising awareness about the issues and threats facing songbirds and wildlife

If you would like more information or want to discuss a specific project you’re interested in please get in touch:

Thank you to all the charitable trusts and foundations that give valuable support to SongBird Survival:

Our Charitable Trusts and Foundations

A E H Salvesen's Charitable Trust    
Astor Foundation    
Backhouse Charitable Trust    
Bacon Charitable Trust    
BGS Cayzer Charitable Trust    
CCG Trust    
David Barnett Charitable Trust    
David Wentworth-Stanley Charitable Trust    
Dulverton Trust    
E & M R Frisby Trust    
Foundation Scotland    
Garnett Charitable Trust    
Goldcrest Charitable Trust    
Hamish & Doris M Crichton's Charitable Trust    
Hanbury Turvey Foundation    
Henry C Hoare Charitable Trust    
Inchcape Foundation    
Irving Memorial Trust    
John and Pamela Salter Charitable Trust    
Joseph Nickerson Charitable Foundation    
L Messel Charitable Trust    
Lady Hind Trust    
Lionel Lyster (1980) Memorial Trust    
Mainhouse Charitable Trust    
March Brown Charitable Trust    
Mrs J W E Hudson's Charitable Trust    
Nigel Vinson Charitable Trust    
Nineveh Charitable Trust    
Norfolk Community Foundation    
NPT UK - National Philanthropic Trust UK    
Ofenheim Charitable Trust    
Patricia Routledge Charitable Trust    
Percy Lea Charitable Trust    
Privy Purse Charitable Trust    
Ronald Miller Foundation    
Simon Gibson Charitable Trust    
Stephen Cockburn Charitable Trust    
Stonewall Charitable Trust    
Tansy Trust    
Trustees of the Weld 1994 Settlement    
William Dean Countryside & Educational Trust    
Wyfold Charitable Trust

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