Why research?

We believe that there are gaps in the evidence base that informs UK policy, and more needs to be done to identify the real drivers behind continued songbird declines.

We commission and fund high quality scientific research to fill in these evidence gaps

Ecological interactions are intricate and complex. The reasons for songbird decline divide opinion among scientists and conservationists. Only detailed scientific study will help us to understand what’s really going on.

Since 2003, SongBird Survival has been funding this essential research. We are working to highlight the plight of our songbird populations, and build an evidence bank to help inform solutions to restore songbird numbers.

Related Studies

Our approach has been shaped by existing peer-reviewed research into songbird declines. Alongside other organisations, we are working to understand the bigger picture. We target our research to areas where there is little existing work, or where previous studies have indicated a need for further research.  We have included a selection of such studies below. Click on the topics to find out more: