Gardens for birds

A one stop shop for songbird gardening tips

Gardens cover an area bigger than all of our national parks combined. They can provide valuable habitat and sources of food for songbirds and other native wildlife, but only if they are nurtured with this in mind.

Our campaign urges UK gardeners to #ThinkBirds as they plant, sow, maintain and crop; creating a safe refuge in 22.7 million patches of green, an area 2.5 times the size of London.
Invite wildlife into your garden and let our gardens be the stage on which they can perform.

Gardens for birds is all about sharing your outdoor space with wildlife, providing these five essentials for songbirds; shelter, food, a space to nest, water and no pesticides.

We are a nation of gardeners and bird lovers; this army of green fingers could connect to provide safe spaces for birds and all wildlife to thrive. We want gardeners to #thinkbirds and realise the impact on our native insects and mammals each time they pick up a trowel, planting a better future for our wildlife. Ditch the pesticides and create your own garden refuge for wildlife.

Join in the green revolution.

These past few years more than ever, many of us have taken solace in our gardens and outdoor space, with a much greater appreciation of the joy the dawn chorus can bring.
With research showcasing the drastic declines of insect life and songbirds in our country, it is our job to open our gardens to wildlife and invite them in.
Planting flowers, ditching pesticides, letting areas of your space go more ‘natural’ and wilder, providing water, shelter, nesting places; these are all easy things you can do to provide bird-friendly habitat.
Our tips, advice and how to guides are based on scientific research and make it easy for you to improve your garden in no time. You can find information based on your gardening ability, and get inspired to become green-fingered, no matter the size or location of your garden.
Get involved today, open your garden for wildlife and join the green revolution.