National Robin Day 2023

help songbirds weather the cold this winter

National Robin Day is a chance to show your love and support of songbirds. There are lots of ways you can help them, without breaking the bank!

You can help by giving three key things - food, water and shelter - and shouting about the challenges songbirds are facing.
This year we are especially keen to get children and young people involved and helping songbirds. The new Ruby Robin Award is a fun challenge to help birds.

Thousands of people across the UK helping songbirds survive over Winter in their gardens and green spaces. Can you join us?

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Our new poll finds children want to do more to help birds and wildlife, but a quarter cannot identify a robin. We need to help them help birds.

A new poll commissioned by SongBird Survival in the autumn has found that children aged 5 to 11 want to do more to help the UK’s wildlife and want to learn more about birds. Ahead of National Robin Day on 21st December, the poll captures children’s love of birds – 89% believe hearing and seeing birds makes them feel happy.  But, nearly a quarter of children, 24%, don’t currently do anything in their garden to help birds.  
This winter, we want to encourage everyone, especially young people to find resourceful ways to care for our wildlife!
Winter is a tough time for UK songbirds, as temperatures drop, and natural food supplies are limited.
They're going to be focused on three key things to make sure they can get through the winter; Food, Water and Shelter.
Little things with big consequences