Please note this event ended on 31st December 2023, but you can still download the activities to learn about and help songbirds!


What is the Ruby Robin Award?

The Ruby Robin award is a free, fun challenge for children.
Gain your award by learning more about birds and take action to help them over Winter.​
Simply choose and complete one activity from each of our four challenges. You can then claim a special certificate and badge.
the challenge event has ended but you can still take part in the activities - click here

How does this help songbirds?

We are lucky to have an amazing range of songbirds in the UK. More than 100 types!

But their numbers are going down rapidly as the world around them changes. We need to protect them and make sure they are still here in the future .
We want more children to learn about the birds they see and to encourage young people to take positive action for nature.