Please note this event ended on 31st December 2023, but you can still download the activities to learn about and help songbirds!

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How it works

Win the Ruby Robin Award by completing one simple activity from each of these four types of challenges.
There are lots of resources to help you with your challenge and different ideas depending upon how old you are.
It’s entirely up to you which you pick. Feel free to come up with your own ideas too!
Just remember to do at least one activity from each challenge area. You’ll be winging your way to winning your Ruby Robin certificate and badge.

For more information take a look at our Ruby Robin Award FAQ's

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1. Get crafty!

Winter is a difficult time for songbirds and finding enough food and water can be really tough. Help Ruby Robin and her friends survive with one of these fun DIY craft projects.  Most of them reuse and recycle things around the house:

Mosaic Bird Feeder
Bird Bath
Pine Cone Bird Feeder
Orange peel bird feeder
Fruit bird feeder
Seed cake recipe

Or come up with your own DIY idea to make something which helps birds. We’d love to see what you create.

Did you knoW– Songbirds have to stay lightweight so they can fly. No big Christmas dinner for them! They need their meals little and often so make sure you leave food out every day to keep them full of energy.

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2. Learn

There are more than 100 types of songbirds in the UK but their numbers are going down quickly as the world around them changes. We need to protect them and make sure they are still here when you grow up.

Learn about Ruby Robin and the precious birds which live around you through filling in one of our fact sheets.

Download one of our fact sheets. Choose from our friendly Ruby Robin or learn more about your own favourite bird.

Colour in the beautiful feathers of some of our common garden birds.

Did you knoW– The most common songbird is the tiny but mighty wren with more than 12 million across the UK. They sing very loudly so listen out for them in your garden.

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3. Bird Spot

Being outside in nature is really good for us all.  Go out in your garden or take a grown up with you for a walk or trip to the park. Take a moment to stop, look and listen to what birds you can see.

Download and use our handy Bird Spot sheet to record which birds you have seen.

Bird spot A – Countryside

Bird spot B – Town / City

Bird spot C – Common songbirds

Did you knoW– Robins puff up their feathers to protect themselves against harsh winter winds. Watch out for Ruby doing this when you are out bird spotting.

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4. Fun

This challenge is all about doing something which is fun and shares your love of songbirds with other people. The more the merrier and we can all work together to do good things to help songbird.

Some ideas are:

  • Colour and send a Christmas card
  • Complete our songbird emoji quiz - why not involve your friends?
  • With the help of an adult, could you raise some money to support songbirds? e.g. make some homemade Christmas cards and ask family and friends for a donation, or get sponsored on your bird spotting walk?

Did you knoW– Great tits can produced up to 40 different sounds and songs. How amazing from a bird which is only as big as a can of fizzy drink.

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